This page contains clips and links from some of my projects.

More of my other projects can be found on my GitHub page.

Space shooter

Written as part of a course project, this little game was written in C++ during the course of 2 months. Theise 2 months included learning a brand new language, implementing memory management techniques and optimizing performance as much as possible. The game is based on a self implemented game engine, with self made physics, collisions and graphics handling. There is still a lot missing from the game, but it is still an achievement worth showing off.

Maze Game

My first ever game! Written just after my first ever programing course in Java, this maze game runs on the command line. The constant gitter comes from each direction command, since there is no framebuffer of any sort. The game also contains a self made maze generator, which is able to generate a maze of any size with a guaranteed way to exit. The game also features increasing difficulty and a point (P) which can be gained if run over by the player before reaching the exit (X).